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The Rhondda Cage Birds Society has had a few different names since its conception in around 1890's (actual date is unclear).


With a Cage Bird Society in almost every town, the Rhondda Valleys was a stronghold for cage and aviary birds. Competition was strong with members traveling by foot or public transport to attend open shows. Sadly, today only one of these clubs has survived - Rhondda CBS.

Maerdy CBS
Porth & Rhondda Borough CBS (Rhondda Transport Club)
Tonyrefail CBS (Ainon Vestry)
Trealaw CBS
Treherbert CBS
Treorchy CBS
Tylorstown CBS




Tonyrefail CBS (Photograph circa 1950)
 Tonyrefail cage Bird Society, Circa 1950
 Club Secretary Hilda Walker (bottom left)



Rhondda, Canaries & Mining.

After one of the worst mining disasters of the 19th century in which 57 men died at the Tylorstown Colliery (1894), canaries were supplied to Dr J S Haldane to be used in his investigative experiments as they were found to have a low tolerance to gasses. Haldane went on to devise a cage containing a canary for miners to carry in the pits. When the bird keeled over the miners were alerted to the danger of carbon monoxide, whilst a sprung trap sealed the cage into which oxygen was released to revive it. This method of early warning saved thousand of lives all over the world and became known as the Haldane Box.

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