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Saturday 20th October.
A very good turnout with some of the best birds in the country on display.
Wayne Cousins took Best British with an outstanding CYB Redpoll, Wayne also benched an excellent team of Greenfinch. Novice C Moruzzi took the honour of Best Canary with a superb Unflighted TPD Border Canary. The Border section was of a very high standard in both Novice and Champion classes. Other notable sections were Fife & Irish. Also benched, not seen for a very long time were Lizard Canaries - probably the oldest canary breed on record (1742).
Best British: Wayne Cousins.
Best Budgerigar: Francis Halford.
Best Canary: C Moruzzi.
Best Foreign: N/A
Best Junior: N/A
Best CYB Greenfinch Cock - Wayne Cousins
Best CYB Greenfinch Hen - Wayne Cousins
Best OYB Greenfinch - Wayne Cousins
Best CYB Redpoll - Wayne Cousins
Best OYB Redpoll - Unknown
Best Colour Variant: Silver Redpoll - Unknown
Best Mule or Hybrif: Goldfinch Mule - Ray Price
Judge: Phil Jeremiah
Best CYB - Peter Lock
Best OYB - Francis Halford
Judges: Linden Evans & Graham Pearce.
Best Champion Border - John Furmage
Best Border & Novice Border - C. Moruzzi
Best Colour & Best Champion Colour - Ray Price
Best Novice Colour - Roger Griffiths
Best Fife & Champion Fife - Alan Picton
Best Novice Fife - Morgan Newman
Best Irish & Champion Irish - Les Davies
Best Novice Irish - Len Davies
Best Lizard & Novice Lizard - Mark Evans
Best Yorkshire & Champion Yorkshire - Ray Price
Best AOV & Best Champion AOV - Gerald Bartlet
Best Novice AOV - Mark Evans
Best British: Wayne Cousins (CYB Redpoll)
Best Budgerigar: Francis Halford (Over-year Green)
Best Canary: C. Moruzzi (Novice Border Canary)
Section Winners
Best Lizard: Mark Evans (Blue Hen) 
 Best Fife Canary:: Alan Picton 
Best Colour Canary: Ray Price 
Best CYB Redpoll 
Best Over-year Green 
Best Novice Border Canary 



Best Irish Canary: Les Davies

Best Yorkshire Canary: Ray Price  
Best AOV Canary: Gerald Bartlet (Welsh Crest)